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Supporting your operations

Secure availability and uptime.

Get maintenance and support for your day-to-day operations to help secure maximum availability and uptime for your equipment fleet and operating systems. Make sure your business never stops with a flexible Kalmar Care service contract and Kalmar Parts Care. Relax in the knowledge that you’ll always have high-quality parts available exactly when you need them with Kalmar Genuine parts and Kalmar Parts Care. And when you need short-term support to get equipment back up and running again, or are looking to improve its long-term reliability, there’s our On-call support and Repair and refurbishment services.

Kalmar Care.

Make sure your business never stops with a Kalmar Care service contract. These flexible contracts for all your cargo-handling equipment – regardless of brand or type – let you focus on your operations while we make sure that the competencies and materials you need are always available.

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Kalmar Genuine parts.

When it comes to keeping your operations running smoothly, it’s important to get exactly the right part – and quickly. We can help you secure maximum availability and uptime for your equipment with fast delivery of items from the Kalmar Genuine parts range.

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Kalmar Parts Care.

Get end-to-end visibility over your current spare parts processes, improve parts availability and the efficiency of your parts management processes, and free up working capital without compromising equipment availability. With Kalmar Parts Care you can rest assured that you’ll always have the right parts available exactly when you need them.

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On-call support.

Whether you need an urgent repair, additional maintenance expertise or some fast troubleshooting to get to the bottom of a problem, we’re there for you. Our on-call service covers corrective and preventive maintenance as well as spare parts supply, and we can support you wherever you are and whatever brand or type of equipment you use.

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Crane repair and refurbishment.

When a crane breaks down unexpectedly, we can get it back up and running quickly by working with your technical team to identify the most appropriate repair solution. We can develop a refurbishment plan that will increase the reliability of your equipment and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

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