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Kalmar Start-Up Services

Be ready to go from day one.

When you are undertaking a significant development project, it is critical to get things up and running as quickly as possible to ensure a fast return on your investment. We can support you right from the planning stage of your project with Kalmar Start-Up Services to make sure that all your maintenance requirements are met and you are ready for your first day of operations. Our experienced team will work with you to identify the people, resources and process documentation you will need to support your maintenance activities.

A smooth start for projects of all sizes.

Whether you are undertaking a large-scale terminal automation project or a specialist industrial project, we can provide expert planning support to make sure everything runs smoothly from day one. 

Our Start-Up Services focus on three key areas:
1. Service and maintenance needs
2. Operational processes
3. Required resources and skills

Working with Kalmar, you can be confident that your service and maintenance requirements will be correctly documented and that you have exactly the right resources and skills in place before start-up.

Visit our Start-Up Services virtual showroom to learn more.

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