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Kalmar’s remanufactured engines.

Updating your current engine with Kalmar remanufactured engine components is great for your business and great for the environment.

With fast turn-around times, and all the support you need from the Kalmar Services team, you can renew your current engine, whilst minimising any downtime and recucing waste.


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As good as new.

Kalmar remanufactured engine parts have been restored to a like new condition, all meeting the original technical specifications, and sharing the same quality as new parts.

With the highest levels of availability, you can renew your engine and have your equipment up and running again in no time, helping to maintain availability and uptime levels.


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Choose the level of support you need.

The Kalmar Service team can completely manage the renewal of your engine with manufactured parts onsite or you might choose to use your own service team.

We are there to provide whatever level of support you need while you are remanufacturing your engine to be just like new.


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Cost effective.

Remanufactured engines can be very cost effective in comparison to continually repairing and overhauling your engine or replacing it with a brand new replacement engine.

You get the cost benefit of remanufactured engine parts, with the knowledge your engine will run like new, extending its lifetime and reducing your total cost of ownership.



A sustainable choice.

Remanufactured engine parts are as good as new parts, yet in their production they use 80% less energy than the manufacturing of replacement parts and up to 85% of components can be reused in the building of remanufactured engines.
Helping to build a circular economy where resources and energy are used more efficiently.


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to make your current engine like new.

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