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Smooth lifting with premium quality ropes

Lifting ropes play a critical role in your fleet’s day to day operations by keeping your equipment moving containers. To minimise downtime and ensure safe operations it is important to prepare for the changing of ropes in advance. We offer lifting ropes for Kalmar STS cranes, RTGs, ASCs and RMGs as well as straddle and shuttle carriers.

Our recommendation: Prepare. Don’t repair.


Unplanned rope change can lead up to 30 hours of unnecessary downtime.


Premium quality ropes can last up to two times longer than an average rope.

Lifting ropes checklist

Be prepared

To minimise downtime and ensure safe and smooth operations order lifting ropes early and prepare for the changing of ropes in advance. Change lifting ropes according to the maintenance manual, either by intervals or running hours.

Choose OEM quality

Our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ropes have a very high breaking strength and excellent resistance to crushing and abrasion. Using genuine parts keeps your machines running safely and reliably.

Smooth change

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Kalmar knows the exact specification and length of ropes that are a perfect fit for your Kalmar machine. Kalmar service technicians can also help plan the process for changing the ropes as well as take care of the installation and testing.

Start preparing