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Fire Extinguisher System

Improve fire safety on-site.

Vehicle fires can have serious consequences and are often hard to put out with a handheld extinguisher. Kalmar’s Fire Extinguisher System can automatically detect and extinguish vehicle fires in seconds, increasing the safety of personnel and equipment alike. As the system minimises the consequences of vehicle fires for equipment, people and surroundings, it can also lead to lower insurance premiums.



What equipment can it be used for?

The Fire Extinguisher System is available for:

  • reachstackers
  • heavy, medium and light forklifts
  • empty container handlers

Contact us to verify the upgrade availability for your fleet.

How does it work?

Most vehicle fires start in engine compartments and take hold very quickly, thanks to the presence of heat, fuel and oxygen. When it detects a fire, the Kalmar Fire Extinguisher System quickly releases an agent that’s specially designed to tackle vehicle fires through a durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel distribution system. The system has been uniquely tailored for Kalmar equipment, making it an effective way to upgrade the safety of your machine.

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