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Four students from Hamburg conquered Kalmar

Kalmar gave us - four students from Euro Business College in Hamburg - the opportunity to get to know the company through a three-month internship.

We had three projects in different departments: Daniela and Anna worked in the marketing department and developed a concept for the future marketing. They analysed strengths and weaknesses of Kalmar’s previous marketing activities and researched the use of social and print media.Laura helped the disposition team by obtaining offers for digital storage programs. The selected program will facilitate the process of storing assembly slips digitally. Our third project is in the human resource department. Leonie prepared a guideline how to implement company integration management.

We are pleased that we spend our internship at Kalmar and we will have the chance of a successful career with enhanced knowledge, confidence and positive future perspectives that we have gained from Kalmar. We want to thank Kalmar for the unforgettable time and we are proud to keep you all in good memory.

Written by: Daniela Theil, Anna-Theresia Witt, Laura Knemeyer, Leonie Laatzen


Students Hamburg edited 2015


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