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"Go, make us proud"


Joanna Jaszczak 

Joanna Jaszczak

Executive Assistant, Stargard, Poland

When I was young, I wanted to be a firefighter, today I sort of am. I joined Kalmar back in 2012 as an HR trainee for a 3-month internship, after which, I was offered the position of Administration Assistant; six months later, I was promoted to Office Administrator. Eventually, I became an Office Administration Specialist and now I work as an Administration Leader, leading my own team, known as the "Dream Team".  

Working at Kalmar, has made me realise that I don't hate Mondays, quite the contrary actually. I love how my current position was tailor-made for me to some extent -  it’s not just a job, but an amazing adventure! For me, Kalmar is a great place of work. I get to cooperate with the best professionals in the industry, with people and teams from all over the world on a daily basis; even our machines, assembled here in Poland, end up all over the world.  We are a global company, with a Nordic spirit, mixed with hints of local flavour, so each Kalmar location you visit feels just like home. From my office window I can see the test track, it is impressive to watch the quality and high technology used in our machines. It's been five years now since I joined the company,  but every time a completed machine leaves the factory I can't help but wave goodbye and say "go, make us proud".

Kalmar is a company where each person has equal rights and chances to develop their skills and still be themselves. At Kalmar you won't be expected to go the extra mile, you will feel like going that extra mile yourself - and you will get a lot in return. My role is a mix of HR, logistics, sourcing, safety, communications, travel and meeting management - so technically, I manage all the fires that require immediate action. So in the end, I see myself as a bit of a firefighter, just as I envisioned as a child.

Joanna had the chance to realise a Kalmar people video - Watch it here.

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