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Making your every move count

Technology and Competence Centre in Tampere, Finland

Kalmar Care service contracts

Kalmar Crane Services Projects maximise port side productivity

Kalmar Gloria reachstacker - benchmark for productivity

Kalmar hybrid shuttle carrier launch, October 2013

Kalmar’s vision of Port 2060

Launch of Kalmar Gloria reachstacker, June 2013

Kalmar SmartPort boosts efficiency at Malta Freeport

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Kalmar fleet helps Finland’s largest container terminal reach maximum availability

Finnish port operator Steveco Ltd needed to upgrade their fleet. “Kalmar was a natural choice since we know Kalmar's machines well, spare parts availability has proven to be excellent, and we have a long history together."

Let's stop reinventing the wheel for every terminal

Container terminal automation requires industry-wide standards

I meet regularly with the top management of our most important customers, and in the meetings we discuss openly about our industry and its future. The discussions show that we all believe that industrial automation, (i.e. automation and IT solutions merged together) is coming. As one CEO told me over dinner recently, ”In ten years all container terminals will be automated. They will not all be fully automated but they will certainly have some level of automation implemented.”

Video: Kalmar K-Motion at RBC Terminal: reliable, safe and highly efficient

RBC Terminal wanted a safe and reliable machine that could handle hazardous materials with care. Based on their experience, Kalmar K-Motion fits the bill perfectly.

Can a container be more than a container?

In our previous post, we talked briefly about how the concept of user experience (UX) can help build brand loyalty and create products and services that not only fulfil their functional requirements, but also feel good to use. As a thought experiment, let's consider some more futuristic scenarios. In our current world, a shipping container is just a container. What if we could turn it into something that would create an experience – and this experience could generate revenue for various players in the logistics chain?

All roads lead to automation

Top notch safety reduces lost working hours, the costs of damaged equipment, and lowers insurance premiums. Automation can also be a solution to other vital terminal operator concerns by reducing operating costs, optimising efficiency and economic utilisation of space.

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