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Safety first. Keeping your equipment safe and serviced during the global pandemic.

Webinar duration: 46 minutes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, safety in cargo and material handling operations has become more important than ever.


In this webinar Kalmar experts will


  • Share their recommendation on how to identify the areas of improvement in your operations to mitigate the COVID-19 safety risk / to mitigate the risk of infections
  • Provide concrete tips for improving the safety of your people, fleet and processes
  • Share real life examples from other Kalmar customers of their safety measures and processes during the global pandemic


The webinar was originally aired 6 May 2020.


Your webinar hosts



Hanna Kosunen
Product Portfolio Manager, Services

Hanna Kosunen is responsible for productization of new services at Kalmar Mobile Solutions Services. With more than a decade experience in wireless technologies she's excited about the ways how more traditional and digital services blend together to create new value for customers.



Sergio Peralta
Country Director, Kalmar Spain

Sergio Peralta is responsible for Kalmar Mobile Solutions business operations in Spain. Sergio holds 20+ years of experience of services, sales and business development in container and material handling industry.


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