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Collision Warning System for Straddle Carriers

Collision Warning System for Straddle Carriers
15 minutes Safety Technology
Join our webinar! Our experts will discuss the Collision Warning System for straddle carriers and its impact on operator safety.

Reduce collisions, accidents and damage.

Collisions and damage to Kalmar Straddle Carriers in your yard can cost your business time, money and have a negative impact on your operations and safety levels, which needn't be the case. With Kalmar’s Collision Warning System for Straddle Carriers, you can prevent and reduce the severity of collisions, damage and accidents, allowing your equipment to operate more efficiently and safely with minimal downtime.


In this webinar, you will learn:​


  1. How the new Kalmar Collision Warning System works
  2. How it can make your straddle carrier operations safer and more efficient
  3. Retrofit possibilities for Kalmar and third party straddle carriers

Meet your webinar hosts:

Aki Heikkinen, 

Sales Director Horizontal Transportation




Mikko Bister, 

Project manager Horizontal Transportation


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