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Green Chair LIVE 2.0: Integrating growth, profitability, and sustainability

5 min

In this on-demand webinar, originally streamed as part of the Green Chair LIVE 2.0 event, Mette Kjems Baerentzen, Director of Decarbonisation at Kalmar, discusses a challenge that many companies in today's business landscape encounter - facing the complex task of harmonising growth, profitability, and sustainability in a transitional reality where there will be a cost, whether we take action or not.

How can we move towards a more holistic and sustainable approach that contributes to long-term success?

Watch the webinar by filling out the form on this page. Find the other on-demand sessions of the Green Chair LIVE event here to discover what Kalmar has done in our business operations to address this complex challenge.


Get to know the speaker:


Mette Kjems Baerentzen

Director of Decarbonisation, Kalmar


Mette leads a wide range of internal and external activities to drive Kalmar’s decarbonisation efforts. She collaborates with customers, sales organisations, and product and business development to enhance Kalmar’s eco portfolio and support customers in their green transition.



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