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Converting your RTG terminal to an Automated Straddle Carrier Terminal

~44 minutes

The AutoStrad™ offers a commercially very attractive option for automating an existing manual RTG terminal, despite of a higher CAPEX. In return for that investment, you will get end-to-end yard automation with a single equipment type that enables extremely flexible and efficient operations.


In this webinar, you will learn:​


  1. How a brownfield RTG terminal can be converted to an AutoStrad™ terminal
  2. The effects of this conversion on commercial viability, operations and infrastructure
  3. The decarbonization and flexible operation advantages provided by Kalmar Automated Straddle Carriers
  4. An example of a mega terminal that has effectively transitioned to using Kalmar Automated Straddle Carriers


Meet your webinar hosts:

Tomi Tuulkari
Director, Product Management

Verneri Koiranen
Business Development Specialist

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