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Webinar: The path to automation in an RTG terminal

19 November 2018

Webinar: The path to automation in an RTG terminal

Increasing the level of RTG automation at container terminals is the key to taking the next big step towards improving performance. Join four of our leading automation experts to find out all about how a stepwise approach to adopting automation can help terminals gain the maximum benefit from their current equipment without the need for large additional capital expenditures.

Automating RTG operations offers numerous benefits beyond significant savings in terms of operating expenses, including increased efficiency, flexibility, predictability and equipment availability.

Automation is already the norm for greenfield terminals, and it is highly unlikely that any major new terminals will be designed around traditional fully manual operation. The benefits are equally clear for brownfield terminals too, and over the next few years it is the forward-thinking operators seeking to stay ahead in today’s intensely competitive global container shipping industry that will reap the rewards.

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