Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) is a partnership between the Mozambican national railway company (Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique) and Portus Indico, a consortium of South African logistics and financial services company Grindrod, global supply chain solutions leader DP World and local transport company Moçambique Gestores.

In April 2003, MPDC was awarded the concession for the Port of Maputo, Mozambique's biggest port and an important gateway to South Africa and other neighbouring states, for a period of 15 years. In June 2010, the contract was extended for a further 15 years with the option of an additional ten years of operations after 2033.

The main cargo handled by the Port of Maputo is bulk minerals, vehicles, containers, sugar, coal and vegetable oils. Other bulk cargo includes rice, frozen fish, bagged cement and alumina and wheat.

“Kalmar equipment has proved to be reliable and cost-effective to operate and maintain."

MPDC holds the rights to construct, operate, manage, maintain and develop facilities within the port. It also has the powers of a port authority, including responsiblity for maritime operations, piloting and stevedoring, along with terminal and warehouse operations.

The company acquired its first Kalmar terminal tractor in 2003 and currently has 20 machines in operation. Six machines - four terminal tractors and two 10 ton forklift trucks - arrived in December 2022, with an order for an additional 17 units of 14 terminal tractors and three forklifts.

Port services driven by innovation and integrity

Elisio Langa, MPDC’s plant and equipment manager, is responsible for monitoring equipment lifecycles at the port, ensuring optimum equipment availability at optimal pricing, and guaranteeing proper maintenance of all port handling equipment.

“These Kalmar tractors are used to haul cargo in skips from the stockpile areas where the bulk cargo is kept to the quays where the skips deliver the cargo to the vessels,” he explains. “We expect to further increase our fleet through replacement of ageing machines and capacity expansion due to the growth in volume.”

MPDC’s long-term business strategy is to provide attractive, competitive and integrated port services based on innovation and integrity.

“Kalmar equipment has proved to be reliable and cost-effective to operate and maintain – factors that strongly contribute to delivering our long-term goals,” says Langa, who describes the partnership with Kalmar as an interesting and exciting journey.

“The main challenge has been to ensure the alignment of MPDC’s growth expectations with the growth of Kalmar’s local footprint and capabilities,” he adds. “This has been crucial to strengthening the ties between our organisations.”

Reliable and fuel efficient terminal tractors

Byron Meugens, Sales Manager at Kalmar Industries South Africa, agrees that the suitability of the machines, the quality of the product, and the support available in the region are key factors that influenced MPDC’s decision to standardise to Kalmar terminal tractors 20 years ago.

“Our tractors have proven to be both reliable and fuel efficient, providing MPDC with an economical solution to its cargo handling requirements,” he says. “Service and maintenance of the equipment is absolutely critical to operations as vessel delays caused by lack of operational equipment are extremely costly.”