"I have two passions.  One is to help drive the change that will shape the Cargo Handling Industry to be safer, more sustainable, and more productive.  My other passion is to help our next generation of motivated ladies and men to grow both personally and professionally into passionate leaders who will carry the torch forward." 

Our industry is evolving from being a traditional, very mechanical and physical industry, to being one where digitized career paths far outweigh those that are not. With that shift, bright and inquisitive minds are the only prerequisite and our commitment to diversity has encouraged more women to join the movement. 

“Sometimes people assume that I need to act like one of the guys working in a masculine industry and organisation. The truth is that I don't need to be one of the guys to collaborate. I need to be a colleague. Your ability to be strategic and perform are the things that are measured and are important to our leadership. I think that women tend to be natural problem solvers. 

When people see that we as a company have ladies that are leaders in the company and the industry, it creates engagement and hope for the next generation and they will strive for more than just accepting the way it is today. One of my most important tasks in being a leader is inspiring and developing that next generation of leaders and they will for sure be more diverse than the existing one.”