We have worked hard to break down the barriers between you and the parts you need. Our new MyParts webstore puts hundreds of thousands of parts at your fingertips to make ordering easy and fast. No matter where you are in the world, you can get what you need from any device connected to the internet, in several languages – 24/7.

How does it work?

The new MyParts user interface couldn’t be easier to use. You can search for particular parts using part numbers. Or you could look up the part you need in your machine’s catalogue or your previous orders.

When you select a part, you can see its image, price, weight, size and availability. From there, you can add it to your shopping cart. When you’ve done this for everything you need, you can complete your order. You can track the order online, so you can see when it will be delivered.

There’s even a quick order service where you can simply enter a part number and how many you need.

A personalised experience

A cornerstone of smooth operations is consistency, so the chances are that your business operates on a regular schedule. MyParts offers customised maintenance and service kits that bundle everything together based on your operational hours.

If you are using Kalmar Insight, our dedicated performance management tool, your operating hours can be shown in your equipment overview. From there, you can receive prompts to order certain parts regularly so that they are in-house and ready for a scheduled service – minimal disruptions.

Full control

One of the best ways to ensure that disruptions are kept to a minimum is to have clear roles and responsibilities when making business decisions. That’s why we have designed MyParts to allow different parts of the purchasing process to be managed by the right people – for maximum control.

In MyParts, there are three different user levels:

1) Guest, can easily view all the parts

2) Viewer, can collect parts to a cart, save the cart and share with other users. If an order is placed by the a byer, the viewer can also conveniently track the order.

3) Buyer, can do everything from view, save and share carts to finalize a purchase and track the order.

On top of that, you can also export your purchasing information from MyParts and import it into other systems you use for a truly seamless experience.

MyParts is all you need for your parts ordering and to keep your equipment moving optimally with quality parts. 

Get started with MyParts today for smarter part orders and join the growing community of thousands of users from over 100 countries.

How to join?

Please contact your local Kalmar contact.