The lives of you, me, our customers, and almost everyone, have changed in a prominent way during the recent weeks.

Safety is the underlying purpose for Kalmar Mobile Solutions and for the entire group. Kalmar’s safety vision is easy to understand: “A worry-free working environment for all our employees, customers and other partners”.

Rapid response and new services
The outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has made safety an even more prominent part of our business. We have shiftily organised our own response mechanisms and services in order to do our part and help our customers in every way that we can.

Kalmar actively supports all efforts to flatten the curve, to slow down a virus' spread so that fewer people need to seek treatment at any given time. Needless to say, we strictly comply with all local regulations and recommendations.

Above all, we work together with our customers and help them to keep their operations running in a safe and an efficient way.

We are ready to help
Coronavirus has raised both local and global short term and long-term challenges for our customers, for the economy and for the entire society.

We are offering a number of services for our customers to help them cope. We are for example equipped and willing to clean our customers every vehicle between shifts - and not just Kalmar machinery but all brands. We are here to help.

But in addition to this and many more short-term local challenges, coronavirus also raises long term problems. One of them is how to keep cargo on the move. Our customers are global trade’s gatekeepers. They are the ones that keep the whole world up and running.

We all know too well that if the cargo does not move, the negative side effects will be tremendous. We need to ensure that personal protective gear, hospital gear and medical supplies as well as such common materials as paper and steel are distributed and available to those that need it.

My thoughts are now with those people working in the front line: all the people in ports and terminals, heavy logistics and factories. We respect you and the work you do.

People come first
Every company can improve safety in their daily operations with the help of training, transparent communications, standards and new technical solutions.

But the most important and powerful change is a mindset shift. Safety mindset means we proactively seek out risks and unsafe behaviours when we are working – and this applies to everyone, no matter where we work or what our role is.

Coronavirus has put safety even more front and centre. I hope that safety will remain a priority at every workplace also after we can call this pandemia a thing of the past. Then we could say that the coronavirus also produced something positive.

We live now in unprecedented times. But one thing is clear: people come first. The most important thing is to ensure that people are safe. Our job is to save lives. We are in this together and together we will also survive. Please be safe, everyone.

Stefan Lampa
President, Kalmar Mobile Solutions