Numeric information makes it easier to spark thinking and make strategic, sound decisions in both private and business life. However, nowadays industrial sector companies often struggle with what can be the chaos of digital platforms, tools and services.

"We have massive amounts of data, but the challenge is how to utilize it and turn potential into action," says Janne Vento, Product Manager, Kalmar Insight.

Everything at a glance

This is what Kalmar's new Insight is all about. It is a solution that helps customers optimise their performance based on data collected from cargo handling equipment and operations.

"Insight collects together data from your entire fleet and puts it onto a single platform, including equipment built by other manufacturers. For the first time, operators have a real-time, holistic view of their site and equipment performance," explains Vento.

Insight is simple to use and understand, and because it is a cloud based service, customers can access their data with any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Software updates are also fast and easy to install. Most new Kalmar equipment has the required hardware preinstalled and the retrofitting needs just one simple hardware installation.

Insight is highly suitable for various industries and companies, from manual and automated cargo handling terminals to logistics centres and industrial sites, such as sawmills. Vento explains that typical users include operations, maintenance and senior managers. 

For the first time, operators have a real-time, holistic view of their site and equipment performance.

One tool, many solutions

"Our customers face several headaches in their everyday operations. Fleet availability is one of the biggest," says Vento.

According to Vento, too many companies use their expensive machines inefficiently or too little during a shift. Machines idle too long or experience too much unplanned downtime due to a lack of a tight maintenance schedule. Drivers might also repeatedly choose one particular machine over others, so it wears out faster. Additionally, companies often have difficulty reducing the number of unnecessary moves when transferring cargo containers.

"Kalmar Insight can help to solve these headaches and much more. It gives customers new functionalities and benefits that other fleet management tools can't offer," states Vento.

At one glance, Insight provides real-time, historical information on multiple and individual sites, whole fleet and single machines, as well as shifts or on individual drivers. Companies can check parameters, such as running hours, moves, energy consumption, overload events and errors. Users can compare, for instance, each machine's operating hours or the performance levels between different terminals. It makes it easy to spot, for example, when one machine uses more fuel than others. Insight also has a playback mode where customers can view historical data that can show process bottlenecks and help identify areas for improvement. All of this combined, simplified information allows customers to make decisions and take action that will have an immediate, positive impact on their business.

Vento adds that Insight also makes fleet maintenance planning a breeze.

"Insight's maintenance scheduling and management module enables automated spare parts recommendations and ordering. So, spreadsheets or pen and paper can be done away with.”

Vento says that Insight can also be used to provide a strong incentive for drivers to improve their driving skills. Information on each driver’s performance can be shared amongst the team as a sort of workshop to improve everyone’s performance.

At Kalmar, we want to promote openness.

Just the beginning

"All in all, Insight helps to make strategic decisions that improve operational productivity and profitability, maximise fleet availability and increase safety. And even more important, it helps you to stay informed so you can enjoy peace of mind," says Vento.

According to Vento, we need well-structured and shared information now more than ever.

"At Kalmar, we want to promote openness. Nowadays, much of the data in the cargo handling business is kept in the dark. I believe that we can all profit from open communication between customers, maintenance providers and machine manufacturers."

Vento notes that with Insight, this is only the beginning.

"Insight is a powerful tool that will make a real difference to business. We will continuously develop it so that our customers will continue to experience great value and stay ahead of the competition."