People love big machines. It is thrilling to be able to drive state-of-the-art equipment and lift heavy containers around the yard. No question about it. And some might even enjoy watching a skilled driver maneuver big beautiful machines. But driving heavy machinery is no piece of cake - unless you try it in the safety of an exhibition hall in virtual reality (VR) environment.

Participate in our VR driving challenges at exhibitions

Now you have the possibility to try out for yourself how it feels to manage our reliable and robust Kalmar Essential Range with reachstackers, empty container handlers and forklifts - just come visit us at exhibitions and fairs. We organise regularly driving challenges where you can complete tasks and the fastest drivers even get a small prize to go home with. Furthermore, Kalmar is also currently working to enable the VR experience with other equipments too, so stay tuned!

With great visibility both forward and backward, Kalmar Essential range keeps the drivers comfortable and in full control.

While waiting for the full VR experience and our next event, why not step inside the cabin right here? These 360 images show how it feels like to sit behind the wheel in the well-designed, spacious cabin of Kalmar Essential Range. With great visibility both forward and backward, an adjustable seat, power-assisted steering, and easy lift operation with control levers or an optional joystick, Kalmar Essential range offers everything you need to keep the drivers comfortable and in full control.

To get the full experience, use VR glasses together with your phone.


Kalmar Reachstacker


 Open 360° VR version 

Kalmar Forklift


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