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Kalmar TT618i/TR618i/TRL618i: unparalleled performance, durability, and versatility for heavy load handling

Kalmar has made its pioneering i-model terminal tractors even better with improvements to lifetime durability and operator comfort. The result is robust reliability and excellent performance when moving heavy loads in any type of condition.

The Kalmar TT618i (4x2) and TR618i (4x4) handle semi-trailers and terminal trailers for containers and roll trailers with goosenecks. For mega and jumbo trailers, the low-chassis TRL618i (4x4) has been specifically designed to handle mega and jumbo trailers.

Our range of heavy terminal tractors can be used for RoRo handling, container handling in harsh winter conditions, container trailer train (MTS), general cargo handling with gooseneck and roll trailer, and industrial handling with special trailers.

Technical information

Technical info Kalmar Heavy Terminal Tractor TT618i/TR618i/TRL618i
Cummins QSB6.7 (Stage 3A)
Dana RTE14822
Power (kw–rpm)
194 kW@2200 rpm
Torque (Nm–rpm)
987 Nm@1500 rpm
Front axle
Sisu SSDP12S
Rear axle
Sisu SRDP30S


Designed for better performance

Based on extensive studies carried out in cooperation with drivers and specialists in ergonomics, the Kalmar 618i Terminal Tractors feature improved visibility and performance, a machine that is easier to maintain and an enhanced operating environment for your drivers.

For RoRo handling, all Kalmar heavy-duty 618i Terminal Tractors have better traction so they can easily climb steep ramps and perform tight turns on slippery decks. 

All Kalmar terminal tractors are still the only tractors on the market with the advanced CAN-Bus system, which integrates all operating functions in one system and shows all operational and service data on one display.

Your innovative workhorse

Better visibility

  • Bigger front windows, and fewer and narrower window posts
  • Less reflection due to curved design of the front and corner glasses
  • Optional wide-window roof
  • Asymmetrical seating arrangement for better side-window view

Easier service

  • Hinged service hatch in the front and hinged dashboard for trouble free service access
  • Easily removable front cover gives quick, easy access to the cabin fresh-air filter, electrical terminals, heat unit and air conditioning
  • Fuses and diagnostics sockets centralized on the side dashboard
  • Better-protected electrical connectors and harnesses for fewer breakages and interruptions
  • Quality materials for low component wear

Improved working comfort

  • Innovative swivelling seat and cabin changes provide a spacious workplace for drivers
  • Optional automatic air conditioning
  • Advanced window and interior design reduce reflections and noise in the cabin
  • Automatic gear system and small turning radius enable easy operation in cramped spaces
  • Streamlined dashboard with most frequently used switches in the centre


Up to 90% less CO2 emission with HVO100 fuel

Kalmar Heavy Terminal Tractors fitted with a Cummins engine are certified to use HVO100 fuel which can reduce your carbon emission by up to 90%. If you own an older certified machine, you just need to discuss with your local Kalmar support team if your equipment needs a minor upgrade or if it is ready to start using HVO100 straight away.

To find out more about HVO100 click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about the three different Heavy Terminal Tractors models available?

We have three models available. There is the Kalmar 2-wheel drive terminal tractor for RoRo handling and two different 4-wheel drive models to make moving heavy loads quicker and safer. Making them ideal for RoRo, Ports or Terminals and Industrial applications.

What is the lifting capacity of Kalmar's Heavy Terminal Tractors?

There are three different Heavy Terminal tractor models available each with different lifting capacities, our TT618i and TRL618i have 5th wheel standard lifting capacities of 25,000kg, with double lifting cylinders optional available on both machines, raising the lifting capacity to 32,000kg. Our TR618i Heavy Terminal Tractor comes with a 32,000 kg lifting capacity as standard.

What is the difference between a RoRo and LoLo Terminal Tractor?

RoRo is short for Roll on Roll Off and is used to name Terminal Tractors that are designed to work on slippery surfaces and have to access or deliver loads via a ramp into ferries or other forms of transport. LoLo terminal tractors have been designed to be able to handle very heavy loads often loaded on mega or jumbo trailers.

What is the difference between the Kalmar Heavy and Eco Heavy Terminal Tractors?

Both are heavy terminal tractors and both offer RoRo and LoLo versions, the difference being the fuel efficiency of the different ranges. The Eco Heavy Terminal Tractor has an optimised driveline combination using the latest technology, enabling it to use 30% less fuel and produce 30% less carbon emisions than our standard range of Heavy Terminal Tractors.

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