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Loaded container handlers

Our new Top Loaders or Lift Trucks as they are more commonly known, deliver on so many fronts. They are reliable, safer and easier to maintain and operate, making them a top pick when considering a new lift truck for container handling.

Technical information

Technical info Specifications
Stacking height (9'6)
Lifting capacity (lbs)
Load centre (inches)
Wheel base (inches)
Cummins, Volvo
Cab options
Spirit Delta

Kalmar Top Loaders will make your life easier.

Our new G-Generation Kalmar Top Loaders are available with two lifting capacities, 40,000lbs or 41,000lbs, and are fitted with a range of features that will make your and your drivers’ lives easier.


A common platform to make things easier.

With over 10,000 machines built on our G-Generation platform, you can expect
your new Kalmar Top Loader to be easier to operate and maintain as it has all of Kalmar’s experience and knowledge built-in.

Easier to lift heavy loads.

All of our G-Generation Kalmar Top Loaders come fitted with a variable hydraulic lifting system, which provides exactly the right amount of lifting power based on the weight of your load, reducing your fuel consumption as your drivers no longer need to rev the engine while lifting.

Easier to operate.

All Kalmar Top Loaders come fitted with our ergonomically designed EGO cabin, which has improved visibility and a fully adjustable steering wheel, seat and control panels. Plus, your drivers will be comfortable all year round with heating and ventilation fitted as standard.

Easier to service and maintain.

With easily accessible service points, engine hatches instead of a hood, extended service intervals, improved diagnostics and fewer moving parts, your new Kalmar Top Loader will be easier and quicker to maintain, saving you time and money.

Improved visibility.
Our EGO cabin provides improved visibility both forwards and backwards making it safer to operate and there are a number of additional options availible to make your machine even safer.

Safer to access.
Your drivers will now be safer entering or exiting their Kalmar Top Loader, as there are more handrails and bars, plus all the climbing surfaces are non-slip. There are also steps on the right-hand side that can be used to enter or exit the cabin in emergencies.

Easier to service.
With a tiltable cabin, hatches instead of a hood and easily accessible service points, your lift truck will be easier to service and maintain.

Common system for quicker troubleshooting.
With common control and electrical systems, you will be able to identify and trouble-shoot any issues easily. Getting the issues solved quicker, means you will achieve a much higher utilisation rate with your new machine.

Powerful lifting equipment.
Kalmar Top Loader lift trucks are built to take on the big loads as every component has been carefully selected to meet the highest standards, so you get a quality solution that has been built to last.

Easier on the environment.

There are many easy things you can do to cut your emissions and reduce your fuel bill by up to 25% without compromising the operational efficiency of your lift truck, in comparison to our previous generation of top loaders.

Optimize your fleet.
Kalmar Insight is a performance management tool that allows you to track your equipment while operating, making it easier for you to make decisions that will help improve your overall operations.

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