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The Kalmar DCG600-850 effortlessly handles the heaviest loads, delivering exceptional performance for demanding industries

The Kalmar Super Heavy Forklift Truck comes with a choice of lifting capacities from 60 to 85 tonnes, drivelines and attachments, that will lift your heaviest loads efficiently and safely. Ideal for steel, concrete and other heavy industries.

Kalmar Forklift Trucks – Getting the job done.

In this webinar we introduce the many capabilities of the Kalmar forklift trucks and explain what we mean when we say "Quality for all".

Technical information

Technical info Specifications
Lifting capacity (lbs)
132,000 -187,000
Load centre (inches)
Wheel base (inches)
226 - 295
Volvo D11 Series
Cab options
EGO Cabin

Ready to take on your heaviest loads 

The Kalmar Super Heavy Forklift Truck DCG600-850, with a Guinness World Record for lifting under its belt can move loads up to 85 tonnes with ease, making this heavy lifter ideal for the metal and steel, aggregates, energy, stevedoring and construction industries, or any other weighty lifting job you may throw at it.

Leading by example

Kalmar has been the market leader in delivering heavy lifting forklifts since the 1980’s and today offers the widest and largest range of solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs no matter what your heavy lifting task. Our super heavy lifter continues this journey, with a range of lifting capacities and attachments, all designed to get your heaviest of loads moved safely and efficiently.


Choose your performance level

Six different lifting capacities to choose from

There are six different models with two different length wheelbases to choose from, all with a full lift reach of 7.00m fitted with either a Duplex or Duplex Freelift mast. With a 5.75m wheelbase you get a choice of two lifting capacities:

When fitted with a 7.50m wheelbase you get a choice of four different lifting capacities:


What do you need to move?

With a wide range of specialist lifting attachments, including hooks, magnets, and a choice of forks the Kalmar Super Heavy lifter can be used to move a large range of loads across a wide range of industries and applications including:

The metal and steel Industry:

  • Mega size of slabs, plates & coils.
  • Multi-packages and heavy forgings.

For wind turbines (on and offshore):

  • Sea tripods, ground foundations, tower sections & TPS.
  • Nacelles, drive gears, hubs & blades.

Heavy drums & reels:

  • Big cylindrical loads - power cables, wire ropes & coiled tubes.

Concrete, precast & rocks:

  • Sections for construction, road, tunnel, bridge, aquapods & rocks.

Heavy and bulky items & stevedoring:

  • Large and extra heavy items that need moving.

The power to get things moving

Our super heavy lifter comes with a choice of powerful and efficient drivelines. You get:

  • A choice of three different extra strong 6 cylinder Volvo engines, with a choice of emission ratings EU3A, EU4, EU5.
  • A super efficient powershift DANA LTE-30500 transmission with 5/3-speed + Lockup

Combined with:

  • Durable Kessler D111 Drive Axles, differential, hub reduction and oil cooled wet disc brakes
  • Large strong tyres 21.00x35” or 24.00x35”
  • Efficient load sensing hydraulics, variable pistons all for precision handling
  • Large size engine fan for sub-systems cooling to keep everything running smoothly.

An optimal operating environment
Our new super heavy forklift comes fitted with our EGO cabin, the ultimate
operating environment for your driver. With its ergonomic design, smarter functions and a more intuitive workspace, your drivers will be able to operate at their most productive every day, without compromising on safety.

A focus on safety
At Kalmar, the safety of people working with our machines is always at the top of our minds, which is why meeting global safety standards is important to us.

The mandatory European safety standard EN 1175:2020, which sets the electrical and electronic component standards for industrial trucks, has been updated to improve the safety of these machines while in operation; this update is valid from April 2023. All Kalmar counterbalanced machines, including reachstackers, empty container handlers and forklifts, have globally been updated to meet this new standard to ensure that working with a Kalmar machine is as safe as it can be.

By fulfilling our commitment to EN1175:2020 you will benefit from numerous safety improvements which now come as standard on all Kalmar reachstackers, forklifts and empty container handlers.

Up to 90% less CO2 emissions with HVO100 fuel

Kalmar Stage 3,4 & 5 reachstackers, forklifts, terminal tractors and empty container handlers fitted with Volvo or Cummins engines are now certified to use HVO100. If you own a certified machine, you just need to discuss with your local Kalmar support team if your equipment needs a minor upgrade or it is ready to start using HVO straight away.
It’s quick and easy to get fitted and will start cutting your CO2 emissions by up to 90% as soon as you start using HVO100 Fuel.

To find out more about HVO100 click here.

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