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Drive Speed Limiter System


Control the speed your equipment operates in and cut costs & carbon emissions.

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The Kalmar Drive Speed Limiter

An upgrade that can be fitted to any Kalmar empty container handler, forklift truck, terminal tractor or reachstacker.

Thanks to the Speed Limiter you can:

1. Make your work environment safer

By setting a maximum speed for your equipment, you will significantly reduce the risk and severity of accidents making your site a safer place for your operators, technician and other staff. Maintaining an optimal speed makes your cargo handling operations safer.

2. Reduce maintenance costs

Driving at a safe speed will extend the life of your tires and reduce wear and tear on your machine

3. Save on fuel

Working at a steady pace will reduce fuel consumption, saving you money.

4. Cut down on carbon

Using less fuel means lower carbon emissions, helping you build your environmental credentials.


How it works


The Kalmar Drive Speed Limiter System is straightforward to install as it only requires an upgrade to your machine’s software, not a change to the hardware
(might vary for older generations of the equipment).

The software upgrade integrates with your current software and automatically limits the operational speed of the equipment to the level you have set.

Sounds interesting?


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Less fuel, lower CO2 emisions, savings on maintenance

By setting a maximum speed that your equipment can be operated at, you will significantly reduce the risk of accidents, reduce fuel consumption, extend the life of your tyres and reduce wear and tear.

Make sure your drivers always travel at a safe speed.

Using less fuel also means less CO2 emissions, saving you money and improving your environmental credentials.

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