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Soft Landing System

Reduce the cost of unnecessary impacts.

Every time a spreader is lowered too quickly onto a container, there’s a greater risk of an impact that will reduce the lifetime of the machine and increase maintenance costs. The Kalmar Softlanding System automatically slows down lowering speeds when the spreader gets close to a container, protecting both equipment and container from damaging impacts and giving operators valuable peace of mind.



What equipment can it be used for?

The Kalmar Soft Landing System is available for:

  • Kalmar DRF, DRT and DRG reachstackers
  • Kalmar forklifts
  • Kalmar straddle carriers

Contact us to verify the upgrade availability for your fleet.

How does it work?

The Kalmar Soft Landing System uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance between the container and spreader to prevent operators lowering too fast. When the distance has been covered it gives a signal to the control unit to slow the lowering speed, preventing unnecessary impacts and equipment misuse. The system has two different levels of speed reduction that activate one at a time when the limits are reached.

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