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Automatic Engine Stop System

Your engine safeguard.

The Kalmar Automatic Engine Stop System reduces the wear and tear on your engine by shutting it down automatically when required.

Extend engine lifetime.

The more you use the engine on your equipment, the greater the wear and tear on the engine. Reducing this wear and tear helps to reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns. An automatic engine stop system shuts down your equipment’s engine when it is most at risk, reducing the risk of breakdowns and cutting your repair and fuel costs.

The Kalmar Automatic Engine Stop System shuts your engine down when it has been left idling for too long or if your engine, gearbox or brakes are not operating optimally. The protection it provides will help to extend the life of your equipment’s engine, gearbox and brakes.

The Kalmar Automatic Engine Stop System can be fitted to any Kalmar empty container handler, forklift truck, terminal tractor or reachstacker as well as to most other brands of these types of vehicles.

How does it work?

The Kalmar Automatic Engine Stop System requires an upgrade to your equipment’s software. This upgrade integrates automatically with your current software and sends an alert to the in-cabin display if there is a problem.

The idling time interval of the engine can be set from three to 30 minutes according to your needs.

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