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Heavymovement, Spain

Kalmar machines are helping Heavymovement towards its objective of becoming a global role model for safety and technological innovation in the metal industry as well as facilitating the expansion of the company’s presence in Europe and Latin America.
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Type of solution: Material handling

Jempsons, UK

Leading haulage firm John Jempson & Son Ltd (Jempsons) helps to continually boost its customers’ handling efficiency, providing safe and efficient distribution tractors to enhance ongoing performance.
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Type of solution: Logistics and distribution

BMW logistics centre, Germany

Delivering vital car parts to their destination according to schedule demands accurate timing and perfect coordination. BMW’s logistics centre relies on Kalmar reachstackers and terminal tractors to keep things running like clockwork.
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Type of solution: Logistics and distribution

Wallhamn, Sweden

The port of Wallhamn – the largest privately owned harbour in Sweden – uses four customised Kalmar terminal tractors to help it maintain its position as a successful gateway for the Swedish export industry.
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Type of solution: RORO terminals