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Kalmar Eco Reachstacker.

Eco Reachstackers 

Increasing fuel costs and tougher emissions standards means you need a solution that is leaner and greener, while still maintaining the highest levels of operational productivity. The Kalmar Eco Reachstacker provides you with an eco-efficient solution that is guaranteed to use significantly less fuel than other reachstackers.  Cutting your costs and reducing your emissions while enhancing your environmental reputation.

Kalmar Eco Reachstacker. 

Guaranteed to cut costs.

In comparison to older machines, our new eco-efficient solution can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 40%, and by up to 25% compared to more recent machines, cutting your fuel costs and emissions while matching the productivity levels of machines with much larger engines.


Fuel Saving Guarantee.

Knowing exactly what your fuel costs are going to be each month gives you a greater level of financial predictability, which is why Kalmar is offering a Fuel Saving Guarantee with each of its Eco Reachstackers. With an agreed and fixed level of fuel consumption, based on a set of agreed metrics, you’ll have complete control over your fuel costs. Our Fuel Saving Guarantee also includes driver training, and your machine will be connected to Kalmar SmartFleet, for an easy to use overview of your equipment’s performance.  


Enhanced driver experience.

Improving the working environment and safety of your drivers is extremely important, as it will improve their productivity and reduce accidents. With our enhanced driving experience your operators will feel more in control with smoother acceleration and safer with less cabin noise and emissions. More responsive braking and steering systems, combined with improved joystick control, will together speed up spreader operations.


Quicker and safer to service.

 We know that maintaining high levels of availability is important to you, which is why we have focused on speeding up regular service tasks. You can now take quicker oil samples, get easier access to transmission electrics and your transmission is faster to service as it can be calibrated at higher temperatures.


All the support you need.

 Kalmar Lifetime Services ensures that your operations work at an optimal level with a high degree of financial predictability. Our dedicated service teams, in over 100 countries, will help support and maintain your business. With us you get a committed partner who is focused on your equipment availability and realising the full value of your investment.



Reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%.

Our Eco Reachstacker used just over 40% less fuel than an 8 year old machine and 25% less than a more recent machine, substantially cutting your fuel cost. For a full 12 month side by side comparison check the video "Fuel dashboard" above. 


Cut your emissions.

Reducing your fuel consumption means that you also reduce your emissions by the same amount. In the case of an older machine you will reduce your emissions by up to 40% and 25% when compared to a newer reachstacker.


Enhance your reputation.

With substantially less emissions than other reachstackers, this new solution will make help make your operations greener, eco-efficient and safer.


Safer to operate.

With smoother acceleration, more responsive braking, improved steering and a new joystick your operators will feel more in control and be able to operate their new reachstacker safely.


Quicker to maintain.

You will benefit from easier and safer to access servicing points, which will speed up daily service checks and keep your operator safe.


Driver training included.

Kalmar Academy offers a range of driving and technical courses so your operators can get the best out of your new Eco Reachstacker. Included with the Fuel Saving Guarantee is full driver training which will focus on teaching your operators how to get the best out of your new reachstacker eco-efficiently.


A connected solution.

Kalmar SmartFleet gives you an easy to use overview of your equipment, making it quicker for you to take action on relevant information that will help improve your equipment’s performance. SmartFleet comes as standard in our Eco Reachstacker, and can be retrofitted to most Kalmar or other manufacturers’ equipment.


SOLAS compliant load measurement system.

You can now have your Eco Reachstacker fitted with the Kalmar Load Measurement System, which records the precise weight of every load your machine handles and records this information automatically in Kalmar SmartFleet. This system is SOLAS compliant and can be fitted to most reachstackers.




Emission level

-       First-phase introduction with “EU stage 4 / EPA Tier 4 Final” emission levels

-       Second-phase introduction with “EU stage 3A / EPA Tier 3” emission levels


Kalmar Eco Reachstacker is available in the following DRG models:

Container Handling:

-       Wheelbase 6.0 and 6.5 m

-       DRG 420-60 S5 to DRG 450-65 S6HC XS

-       Toplift spreader with twistlocks

Intermodal Handling:

-       Wheelbase 6.0 and 6.5 m

-       DRG 450-60 C5 to DRG 450-65 C5 XS

-       Combilift spreader with both twistlocks and trailer bottomlift

Industrial Handling:

-       Wheelbase 6.0 and 6.5 m

-       DRG 500-60 A5 to DRG 600-65 Z XS

-       Multi-functional Tool Carrier with twistlocks or dual Lift Hook


RBC, Rotterdam, K-motion

RBC Terminals wanted a safe and reliable machine that could handle hazardous materials with care.

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