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“I’m always learning new things and developing.”

Julia Dolgopolova

Account Management Specialist, Helsinki, Finland

I have been working at Kalmar’s Helsinki headquarters since 2012. I moved to Finland from St. Petersburg in Russia to study business administration. During my studies, I had the opportunity to become a trainee at Kalmar. After my internship, I was offered the chance to join the company full time.

I enjoy my work in the Offering Development team. My daily tasks include development of the annual Kalmar customer satisfaction survey process, communication with global stakeholders, as well as follow-up and reporting throughout the survey execution. I have also recently joined the Customer Relationship Management tool deployment project as a project administrator. In this role I mainly work with communication and change-management processes.

In my opinion, the most interesting aspect of work is always learning something new and constantly developing myself. Kalmar certainly provides this opportunity. My work is always challenging and interesting. The global aspect of Kalmar is also important, because I am able to develop my knowledge of global business and communicate with colleagues from different parts of the world.

While working at Kalmar, I have always felt that I have enough free time to balance out my work. Personal time is valued, and my flexible working hours allow me to enjoy hobbies and other activities.

I believe that this company treats every employee with respect and trust, and an individual working here feels welcomed and appreciated.

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