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Indital Care.

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We offer a range of service and maintenance packages with the sole aim of keeping your equipment running optimally. There are three different tailorable packages to choose from.

Indital Support Care.

The Indital Support Care package takes care of the regular and scheduled maintenance tasks your equipment needs. We will agree a schedule of works with you that will be fulfilled by our technicians with the intent to keep your equipment running at its best. Our technicians will perform all routine check-ups for major components and undertake scheduled maintenance activity. Based on equipment usage, the technician will plan and recommend what activities need to be completed on his next visit.



Indital Complete Care.

The Indital Complete Care package is designed to keep your equipment running optimally at all times. A dedicated engineer will be onsite to carry out routine check-ups on a daily, weekly and or monthly basis. This will ensure periodic and corrective maintenance of the equipment occurs before anything becomes a problem. We can also assist with spare parts planning and procurement to make sure everything is in hand to do the right maintenance at the right time. We will also maintain a complete log of your equipment’s performance and activity logs which will help identify opportunities for improving your equipment’s performance.



Indital Optimal Care.

The Indital Optimal Care package covers all parts and servicing costs needed to keep your machine running in top condition. For businesses that operate 24/7 we will ensure that dedicated technicians are available on-site while your equipment is in operation. These technicians will also carry out all routine check-ups and perform all corrective maintenance tasks daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the need. All spare parts and consumables are kept onsite, so all maintenance tasks can be completed as quickly and easily as possible.



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