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Indital builds machines that make your life easier.

Indital machines are easier to operate as they have everything that your driver needs. They are easier to maintain with accessible servicing points and long servicing intervals, plus easy on your pocket, as they are great value for money. Indital machines are made in India, for the Indian market, making them an easy choice.


With nearly twenty years’ experience and hundreds of Indital Reachstackers in operation, you can be sure that buying an Indital Reachstacker will be an easy choice. Indital reachstackers are suitable for handling loaded and empty containers in ports, container freight stations, inland container depots, rail terminals and for a range of industrial applications.

Indital Reachstacker CS45-5
Indital Reachstacker CS08-5



Empty Container Handlers.

Our Empty Container Handlers are known for their strength, stability and ability to precisely position a container. Indital Empty Container Handlers can handle 20ft or 40ft containers and stack them five high, available in two capacity options. They are efficient and very easy to operate.

Indital Empty Container Handler ECT06-3
Indital Empty Container Handler ECT08-5




Our range of forklifts have been designed to handle tough loads with ease and are known for their strength and stability when lifting a load or moving about your yard. With a range of lifting capacities from 10-32 tonnes, they are suitable for many uses, including laden or empty containers, steel, pipes, pallets and other industrial applications.

Indital Light Forklifts (10-12 tonnes)
Indital Medium Forklifts (16-20 tonnes)
Indital Heavy Forklifts (28-32 tonnes)



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