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Kalmar Insight

Turn your data into actionable insights.

Data is by far the most valuable asset when it comes to optimising your operations, but if you can’t make sense of the data you collect you’ll never be able to harness its real power. This is where Kalmar Insight comes in. It takes the vast quantities of data you gather from multiple sources and turns it into actionable insights. With a real-time overview of your terminal’s productivity and performance, you can take instant action that delivers instant impact.

A holistic view of your operations.

Kalmar Insight is a performance optimisation and management tool that provides your key user groups with a holistic, real-time view of operations at your terminal. It aggregates data from your equipment fleet, terminal operating system (TOS) and maintenance management systems (MMS) into an accessible and understandable format. With this valuable information at your fingertips, you can make smarter decisions and optimise your operational planning and execution.

Instant insights.Instant action.Instant impact.
  • Aggregate and understand data from your equipment fleet, TOS and MMS
  • Get a real-time view of operations
  • Drill down into data to identify bottlenecks and root causes of problems
  • Analyse and share real-time information for smarter decision-making
  • Optimise your operational planning and execution
  • Optimise your asset utilisation
  • Increase the number of moves per hour
  • Reduce the cost of each move
  • Create a safer working environment

Dedicated dashboards for your key user groups.

Senior management.

With instant access to performance reports by shift, day, week or month, senior management can identify long-term productivity and cost trends and take immediate action to optimise operations at the terminal.

Operations management.

With real-time productivity and operational overviews your operations managers can take immediate action to remove bottlenecks. And with the ability to combine historical and real-time data, they can make smarter decisions that will optimise your terminal’s productivity.

Maintenance management.

Your maintenance manager and operations manager can share information efficiently and jointly plan operations to ensure that equipment is available at exactly the right time.

Health and safety personnel.

Health and safety personnel can easily review the full history of incidents, accidents and machine events in both map and timeline views and supplement the data with additional information not captured by the system.

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