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Load Sensing Upgrades

Streamline operations and increase productivity.

Accurately and reliably measure the load weight or count the number of loads with Kalmar Load Sensing Upgrades. Load Counter measures the number of lifts performed by your machine, helping you to perform maintenance tasks proactively, minimise downtime and prevent unexpected faults. Weight Scale allows forklift drivers to weigh their load while it’s on the forklift instead of having to set it down on stationary scales, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity.



What equipment can it be used for?

Load Counter is available for:

  • Reachstackers

Weight Scale upgrade is designed for

  • Forklift trucks

Contact us to verify the upgrade availability for your fleet.

How does it work?

Kalmar Load Counter displays the number of lifts performed with your machine on the in-cabin monitor. The counter can differentiate between top lifts and bottom lifts, and measures them separately over a single work shift or across a longer period of time.

Kalmar Weight Scale uses a sensor that measures the hydraulic oil pressure from the lift cylinder and delivers a corresponding voltage signal to the machine’s control unit. By periodically calibrating the scale with a known load, this voltage signal gives drivers an accurate load weight that they can use to make more informed decisions on load handling.

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