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Kalmar DRG Reachstacker upgrades

Our extensive range of upgrades will help make your equipment more productive, safer to operate, more fuel efficient and meet regulatory requirements. On this page we have collected the uprades that we recommend for Kalmar DRG reachstackers. 



Increase safety.

Alcolock kit

Alcohol Ignition interlock device (IID) that consists of two components: handset and control unit. In the handset, the breath sample is analysed. The control unit releases or blocks the starter relay of the vehicle and prevents a person under the influence of alcohol from starting the vehicle The system has extremely short warm-up and quickly ready for use.

Driver identification system

Prevents unauthorized operation of the vehicle. Operator has to enter four-digit pin code in the cabin touch screen to start the engine. When installing, no hardware required – only a software update.

Fire extinguisher system

Kalmar’s automatic Fire Extinguisher System increases the safety of personnel and equipment by quickly detecting and extinguishing vehicle fires before they can take hold. Read more

Reverse warning system with camera

The Kalmar Reverse Warning System provides your drivers with a full picture of what’s going on behind the vehicle. By giving the driver greater control while reversing, the system increases safety levels and minimises the risk of damage to other objects. Read more

Speed limiter

The Kalmar Drive Speed Limiter System restricts the speed at which your equipment can be operated, helping to reduce wear and tear as well as fuel consumption. Read more

Three-point safety seat belt

Easy upgrade from two-point seat belt to safer option. Protects operator’s chest, shoulders and waist. Possibility to select belt’s deisgn or add reflective cover.

Increase productivity.

500h-2000h maintenance package

By purchasing this package you can reduce the time needed in ordering the parts, avoid the risk of ordering wrong parts and make sure that only Kalmar genuine spare parts are used.

Central Lubrication system

The Kalmar Central Greasing System ensures that your equipment’s key components are always fully lubricated, no matter where they are or how difficult they are to access. Read more

Hook system

Modification from spreader to hook solution. Lifting capacity with hook operations depends on the configuration. Main configuration variants are boom size, wheel size and counter.

Kalmar Insight retrofit

Kalmar Insight retrofit puts equipment data based on key performance indicators at your fingertips, providing a clear and accurate picture of what’s really going on with your fleet. This operational insight will help you improve efficiency and boost competitiveness, as you’ll know exactly where and how your machines are being used. Read more

Load counter

Load Counter displays the number of lifts performed with your machine on the in-cabin monitor. The counter can differentiate between top lifts and bottom lifts, and measures them separately over a single work shift or across a longer period of time.

Pause heater

In-cabin heater from engine’s cooling system while vehicle is parked for a short period of time. Additional water pump forces coolant through the heater unit when engine is off. The pause heater turns off automatically when the temperature in the cab is six degrees below the value set on the climate control system.

Sliding cab

With Sliding Cab Upgrade the equipment cabin is updated from static into a sliding version. When handling containers from different heights, sliding cabin allows the driver to have better visibility.

Soft landing system

The Kalmar Soft Landing System prevents operators from lowering the spreader too fast, reducing unnecessary impacts and extending the lifespan of your machines. Read more

Spreader slide piece kit

This package includes all required genuine parts for replacing worn out spreader slide pieces.

Increase Eco-Efficiency.

Tyre air pressure monitoring system

System keeps drivers informed of the exact pressure of their equipment’s tyres so they can be kept at an optimal pressure level to reduce wear and tear.  As a result, it will use less fuel, saving you money and reducing your CO2 emissions. Read more


Meet regultations.

Load Measurement System

The system is quick and easy to install, meaning minimal downtime for your equipment. The accuracy of the measurement data has been certified by an independent third party to guarantee compliance with the new weight verification requirements set by the International Maritime Organization's Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS) Convention.  Read more



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