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“No other organisation has so many opportunities.”

Paweł Piechowiak

Deputy Director HT & Spreaders, and Kalmar Logistics Manager at MAU Stargard, Poland

I joined Kalmar as a Production Planner in February 2010.
I also took on responsibility for supervising production planning on all factory lines, and was then nominated to be Logistics Leader in June 2011. In January 2013 I was promoted to Logistics Manager, and a year later my responsibility was extended to Deputy Director MAU Stargard.

My daily work includes hosting visitors to the factory, operational management for horizontal transport and spreader products, maintaining factory standards, warehouse operations, and material and production planning. As well as other leaders and managers, I also work with suppliers.

For me, the thrill of my work is in finding the potential for improvement in the organisation and our dynamic work environment. The possibility for self-development is another reason that I enjoy my work! There are plenty of career opportunities for employees who are willing to develop their current skills and learn new ones. People can develop in their local working environment and as part of a global organisation. I don’t know any other organisation with such a wide range of opportunities for inexperienced and experienced employees alike.

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