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"In our daily work, we are literally making the future into the present"

Jason GasparikJason Gasparik

Director of Sales, Ports & Terminals Americas, Charlotte N.C., USA

When I was a young boy, I didn’t have traditional careers dreams about becoming a policeman or a firefighter, but somehow gravitated into a passion of making things work and hence, engineering and sales.

I first joined Kalmar in 2001 as a Sales/Applications engineer in mobile equipment, and then focused on selling container handlers on the pacific coast of the USA. I left the company in 2008 to explore other opportunities and returned back to Kalmar roughly 10 years later. Today, I’m the Director of Sales for Ports and Terminals for the US and Canada. For me, this was both a personal career goal but also a professional opportunity as I wanted to work with what is currently happening in automation. For me, Kalmar is leading the industry in terminal automation. In our daily work, we are literally making the future into the present.

On a daily level, I handle customer relations, sales proposals, projects and opportunities in the pipeline for the US and Canada; I interact with colleagues in Finland and China - it’s always on a global scale. Being global, is one of Kalmar’s and our customer’s benefits, as we use our global network to understand and work in this industry. We work together, always ready to help one another out, and together with our cutting edge technology we push the limits of the known.

With Kalmar, I feel that only the sky's the limit. There are always new opportunities to elevate yourself and your peers. We are in the forefront of terminal automation and working with cutting edge technology but still we are proud of our roots and always remember where we  came from. I enjoy the fact that we can challenge the status quo each day in our work.

When I was young, I had a love and passion for making things work and solving challenges. Today, with Kalmar I am bringing new solutions to the customers and our industry.

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