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"The best part of it all is to witness those Aha! moments"

Eveliina VuolliEveliina Vuolli

SW Development Process and Quality Champion, Tampere, Finland

As a child, I wanted to grow up and become either an engineer or a psychologist; funnily enough, today I am a bit of both. I joined Kalmar in August 2016, after having spent a big part of my career in information technology. For me, Kalmar was interesting both as a business and as a company. I think the change that is currently taking place in automation, digitalisation and services, makes it that much more interesting still. I am inspired to be part of this transformation that can potentially change the future, and especially to see that software, as a business, is increasingly important for Kalmar.

Before joining Kalmar, I imagined this whole industry as being very product- and manufacturing-orientated, when in truth Kalmar is much more. There are many opportunities in areas that people don’t necessarily associate to traditional heavy industry, such as software development for example. I think this change is only going to become more apparent; Kalmar is a modern company and new winds are blowing for the industry as a whole. I believe that Kalmar can offer job opportunities for any individual willing to reshape the future and do it in a multicultural environment as a part of a global team; we make things happen together.

What do you do? I think people should sometimes stop and think about that: what is the essence of my job?  In my case, it is initiating work and facilitating discussions related to continuous improvement activities, by collecting data about our organisation, promoting agile and lean practices, creating new process descriptions, arranging information sharing sessions and trainings. In essence, I coach, facilitate and bring visibility. And the best part of it all is that we get people together, cooperate to solve problems and I get to witness those “Aha!” moments.

Most of my colleagues are engineers and I work in heavy industry, but then my job is to coach them, talk and listen to them, and together, we come up with solutions.  This was an unconsciously made journey, but today I am pretty close to what I dreamed of as a child.

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