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“We need to maintain a hungry attitude and a challenger mindset”

Erika BarbosaErika Barbosa

Vice President, Sales & Services, Kalmar,  Latin America, Panama

Erika’s job as the VP for Sales and Services in Latin America is to support her people in going through change, and to help them reach their goals. At Cargotec, she’s enjoyed particularly the relaxed company culture and commitment to leadership.

“My biggest task is to ensure that my team has the means to succeed. We need to be flexible enough to meet our customers’ needs – visit them often, understand their expectations and grasp the opportunities. We are a leading company, but as our competition is very tough, we need to maintain a hungry attitude and a challenger mindset. For growing our business as we expect, it is necessary to put in place different strategies, plans, and actions, and thus the ability to change is key. Change is never easy, though, and it is my task to show the reasoning for it, and to support my team in going through it.

It brings me joy when I see people enjoying their work, even when it is challenging. It takes passion and enthusiasm, which are both key in achieving goals. I also feel happy for our customers who trust us. I recently met an executive from a customer company which had had several issues to solve. I was touched as he told me he was very satisfied about us always being there for his company, and that he trusts our good people and good products.

I appreciate the diversity and commitment at Cargotec, and enjoy the approachable company culture. As a newcomer, I have been pleasantly surprised by how much the company is investing in leadership training and coaching. This will ensure that our leaders develop the skills to support their teams in reaching their goals and executing the strategy.”

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