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Industry trends

Growth in container throughput, ever-bigger vessels, and tightening environmental and safety requirements are increasing the pressure on terminal operations. In addition to the growth in container traffic, the port and terminal industry is going through structural changes that are triggering investments and leading to growth in terminal capacities.

Industry history

Developed in the 40s and 50s, containerised shipping transformed international trade by lowering the cost of products and goods, revolutionising ports and shipping times, and reducing losses.

Innovation at Kalmar

Our long history of innovation has helped make us the industry benchmark, and a global forerunner in cargo handling solutions and services. Our competence centres around the world are the backbone of our efforts to drive the industry forward by focusing on our customers’ ultimate business need: how to move cargo in the most efficient way possible.

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Digitalisation is not a product, it’s a systemic change

5 April 2017 Matti Sommarberg

Digitalisation is a contemporary societal topic among businessmen, scholars, politicians, and citizens. Uber’s...

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Safety at the heart of business

16 March 2017 Antti Kaunonen

Improving occupational safety at container terminals calls for culture change, new technical solutions and industry-wide...

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Building Brand Love with Superior User Experience

7 March 2017 Jari Hämäläinen

We would like to pose a provocative question: Could you make your product or service so great to use that your customers...

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Future of ASC – A look beyond electrification

27 February 2017 Ismo Matinlauri

The interest towards electric powered equipment is increasing – not only because of its environmentally friendly aspects –...

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The container terminal as a buffer

24 January 2017 Frank Kho

In my career, I have met a lot of very capable consultants who commit a fundamental error in how they view a container...

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Transforming the way we work

14 March 2016 Tommi Pettersson

Digitalisation allows us to take big leaps not only in technology, but also in the way we work. The key word is ecosystem. We...

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Back to the future

8 December 2015 Ismo Matinlauri

21 October 2015 was the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown time-travelled to the future in the movie ‘Back to the future’. The...

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How is 3D printing going to impact the container handling business?

11 November 2015 Jari Hämäläinen

3D printing is expected to change manufacturing, consumer behaviour as well as transportation and logistics chains. Are we in...

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Does digitalisation automatically lead to better services?

26 June 2015 Jari Hämäläinen

Container handling equipment has reached the era of automation. On the services side, digitalisation is now the leading theme...

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Virtual environments: What would you like to see – in advance?

29 May 2015 Hannu Santahuhta

Visualisation is a broadband connection to the brain, as someone has wisely stated. Today, simulators and visualisation...

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