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Indital Reachstacker CS45-5.

The Indital CS45-5 Reachstacker is a true heavy lifter. Capable of handling loads of up to 45 tonnes and stacking fully laden containers up to five high, it will handle your heaviest loads with ease. Ideal for laden container handling, it can be fitted with a variety of tools that make it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. The reachstackers includes Eco-Drive modes for greater fuel efficiency.


Improved performance.

With an enhanced engine and transmission, you will benefit from improved drive performance, which will also help to reduce your fuel consumption. The hydraulic and drive operations have also been improved for faster and smoother lifting and lowering. The reachstackers offer ECO-Drive modes, giving you three different power modes to choose from for greater fuel efficiency: Power, Normal and Economy modes.


Excellent reliability.

All our machines are thoroughly tested to the highest standards, including dynamic testing, giving you a machine you can rely on. There are other improvements to the modular wiring harnesses and hydraulic oil routings, making them easier to maintain, and only quality heavy duty pumps are used.

An easier reachstacker to operate.

With an optimised structural weight and new steering system, this reachstacker is easier to handle and provides a smoother and more comfortable ride for your operators. With Safety interlocks and LMI these reachstackers are safe to operate



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