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Indital Empty Container Handler ECT08-05

Our empty container handler ECT08-05 delivers market-leading strength and stability to make sure you can precisely and easily position every container. The lifting mast, chassis and side spreader are designed for maximum strength and stability, making them very safe to operate. They can handle 20’ and 40’ containers and stack 5 high at speed, allowing you to move containers quicker.

A robust design.

With a heavy duty, fabricated Twin beam design, this reachstacker is extremely stable and safe to operate. The telescopic boom is made of high tensile steel for extra rigidity and benefits from cast nylon slide pads that are easy to replace.

Easy on the driver.

The new cabin has improved heat protection to help keep your operators cool in the heat, and there are a number of accessories to choose from to further enhance your drivers’ comfort. These include an FM Radio and Water Bottle Handler.

Safer to operate.

The Reachstacker is fitted with Multi disc wet type Hydraulic brakes, which are much safer and offers uniform breaking movement. The LMI system on this equipment cut off the operation when it senses unsafe load handling. The container counter installed on equipment helps in keeping record of container handled.



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