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Forklifts 16 tonnes.

Indital 16 tonne Forklifts are designed to operate in demanding and intensive work environments and, with a robust build, they can take on your toughest loads with ease. They are highly stable when in operation, making them easy and safe to operate. With easily accessible service points, maintaining your machine will quick and safe, reducing downtime and increasing availability.

Built to last.

With a robust and Twin beam design, heavy duty static load capacity axles rigidly mounted to the chassis, integral fuel, and detachable tank, your forklift is built to last.

Easy to operate.

Our 16 tonne Forklifts are known for their reliability and stability, making them safe and easy to operate. There are additional high capacity rollers fitted with widely spaced centres, plus separate side rollers to make loading and unloading easier. A self-cleaning pressure line filtration system has been installed to help maintain essential pumps, cylinders and seals.

Safer to operate.

The heavy duty mast has been designed with the driver in mind. The mast’s cross ties are positioned for optimal strength and improved visibility. The lifting cylinders are mounted on the side of the mast, to ensure that the operator’s view is not obscured. Wet disc brakes have also been fitted on all wheels to make stopping quickly safer.



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