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Unrivalled performance with lower fuel consumption

It features a low-emission diesel engine and an all-electric trolley, wheel turning and spreader. Because it uses no hydraulics, servicing is straightforward and there are fewer components to inspect and maintain. The E-One² RTG's maintenance interval of 1,000 hours is the industry's longest. The optional variable speed generator enables fuel consumption savings of up to 45 per cent by automatically optimising the engine's RPM according to the required power. This innovative technology can reduce CO2 emissions by 100,000 kg a year compared to a conventional RTG, based on a fuel consumption level of 21 litres of fuel per hour and 4,000 operating hours a year.


Technical info E-One2 RTG Specifications
Hoisting speed
26/52 m/min
Trolley speed
70 m/min
Gantry speed
130 m/min
Safe working load SWL
41 t
Technical info