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RTG cranes

All our RTG solutions are designed for reliable, efficient, safe and cost-effective operation

Kalmar E-One² RTG is a low-emission, low maintenance machine that is easily adapted for hybrid operation – the E-One² Hybrid RTG cuts fuel costs even further by using regenerative energy for hoisting. The E-One² SmartPower RTG offers huge fuel savings compared to traditional equipment and provides the perfect balance between productivity and cost efficiency. Finally, the E-One² Zero Emission RTG is a fully electric crane that eliminates emissions, engine noise, and hydraulic oils.



Boost productivity, efficiency and safety at your terminal by giving your existing RTGs a new lease of life with a Kalmar automation upgrade.

Zero Emission RTG

E-One² Zero Emission RTG

The Kalmar E-One² Zero Emission RTG features a 100-percent electric power system that produces no emissions or engine noise and completely eliminates the need for hydraulic oil.

SmartPower RTG

E-One² SmartPower RTG

The Kalmar E-One² SmartPower RTG uses up to 10 litres less fuel per hour than a conventional RTG, thanks to its significantly smaller diesel engine and intelligent power management system.

Classic RTG

E-One² RTG

The E-One² RTG combines the best of diesel and electric technology for excellent fuel savings, low emissions and easy maintenance. It features a low-emission diesel engine and an all-electric trolley, wheel turning and spreader