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Kalmar SmartPower RTG

The Kalmar SmartPower RTG consumes up to 10 litres less fuel per hour than most of the diesel RTGs on the market, thanks to its significantly smaller diesel engine and intelligent power management system. It provides the perfect balance between productivity and cost efficiency in typical container-handling applications.

Intelligent power management.

The Kalmar SmartPower RTG combines a significantly smaller diesel engine with smart power management to deliver fuel economy without compromising on performance. The brains behind this excellent fuel economy is our unique intelligent power management system, which optimises engine RPM to reduce the peak power requirement. The Kalmar SmartPower RTG provides the perfect balance between productivity and cost efficiency in typical container handling applications and can reduce fuel consumption by up to 50 per cent annually compared to traditional diesel machines.

The state-of-the art features include e.g. electro-mechanical anti-sway system, SmartProfile stack anti-collision system, SmartView camera system and a completely new intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for the driver. Kalmar RTGs are available up to 10+1 wide, giving you high stacking density and efficient land utilisation.

Technical info Kalmar SmartPower Specifications
Hoisting speed
20/58 m/min
Trolley speed
70 m/min
Gantry speed
130 m/min
Safe working load SWL
41 t

Saigon Newport Company, Vietnam

Saigon Newport Company, Vietnam’s largest container terminal operator, relies on Kalmar Zero Emission rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) to provide the capacity and environmental performance it needs.

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OPA, Port of Oslo

The world’s most advanced RTG crane automation takes  efficiency to a new level at Norway’s largest freight port

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