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SmartPower Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane.

The Kalmar SmartPower RTG reduces your fuel consumption significantly when compared to a traditionally powered cranes as it uses an intelligent power management system which dynamically manages the cranes speeds and acceleration rates.


Reduce your RTG’s fuel consumption by up to 50%.

The Kalmar SmartPower RTG can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 50% when compared to a traditionally powered RTG. The SmartPower RTG achieves this by:


  • using a smaller sized variable speed generator
  • being fitted with an intelligent power management system
  • dynamically managing the crane’s speeds and acceleration rates
  • managing the available power to limit peak power demand
  • using the most efficient engine RPMs at all times.


The Kalmar SmartPower RTG enables you to reduce your fuel consumption and emissions without compromising on productivity.


A Kalmar SmartPower Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane enables you to:


  • significantly cut your carbon emissions 
  • reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%
  • reduce operating and maintenance costs in your terminal
  • improve occupational health and safety levels for your RTG crane operators
  • improve availability so you can maintain the highest levels of productivity when moving containers
  • extend your crane's lifespan as your new RTG crane will have a longer operational life and cost you less in the long run.


Why you should consider Kalmar SmartPower RTG cranes?

Kalmar SmartPower Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes are ideal for terminal or intermodal operations and for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint and fuel bills.

  • Variable speed generator combined with efficient diesel engine
  • Intelligent Power Management System
  • Up to 50% reduction in carbon emissions
  • Optimised portal structure
  • Typically from 4+1 to 6+1 wide
  • Typically 1 over 3 to 1 over 5 high
  • New optional cabin with improved visibility and ergonomics
  • New optimised 16wheel bogie option
  • Shorter wheelbase with less than 12m total crane width
  • New Crane Management System with intuitive interface
  • New PLC and PLC control logic
  • New optional anti-sway system
  • Cloud connectivity as standard
  • Improved access for servability.
Technical info SmartPower RTG Specifications
Hoisting speed
20/58 m/min
Trolley speed
70 m/min
Gantry speed
130 m/min
Safe working load SWL
41 t

Saigon Newport Company, Vietnam

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