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Rubber tyred gantry cranes

A new generation of Kalmar Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGs).

We’ve made hundreds of improvements to our new generation of rubber tyred gantry cranes across the range. When brought together, they bring a vast range of benefits across the board – establishing a new normal for RTG cranes. 

Our new generation of rubber tyred gantry cranes offers you an intelligent, optimised solution with a stronger, modular, lighter and simpler crane design for terminal or intermodal operations. This makes our new generation of RTGs more cost effective and easier to service and maintain. Access points to key components have been improved and maintenance tasks can be managed effectively and safely both on-site and remotely with Kalmar Remote Services. The improvements help keep your new generation RTG cranes running optimally and as eco-efficiently as possible.

Kalmar’s latest generation of RTGs are establishing a new normal by:


  • lowering your total cost of ownership by reducing your operating costs

  • preparing your business for automated operations as all of our new generation of RTGs come automation ready

  • creating greater opportunities to utilise operation data by taking advantage of a more connected crane

  • helping to lower your carbon emissions with our new generation of eco-efficient solutions.


Kalmars new generation of RTG cranes are available with a choice of power sources including our electrically powered Zero Emission RTG which produces no emissions at source or our highly efficient Hybrid RTG - you need to choose which is right for your business.



Automated RTG cranes and equipment

Choose the level of automation that is right for your terminal operations.

Zero Emission RTG

Kalmar Zero Emission RTG

Eliminate emissions and cut your RTG crane fuel consumption and costs with an electrically powered design.

Hybrid RTG

Kalmar Hybrid RTG

Reduce your fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 60% when moving containers in your yard.

SmartPower RTG

Kalmar SmartPower RTG

The most effective diesel alternative to lower costs and reduce fuel consumption while in operation moving containers.

Classic RTG

Kalmar Classic RTG

The reliable workhorse for your terminal with the longest service intervals in the industry. The Kalmar Classic RTG is available with a variable speed generator which will help reduce fuel consumption and costs.

Why you should consider Kalmar RTG cranes?

Kalmar is the world’s leading supplier of Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes [RTGs] for ports, terminals and intermodal operations around the world.