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Rubber tyred gantry cranes

The Kalmar RTG range - securing your future.

The Kalmar RTG cranes offer a highly efficient and flexible platform with four power source alternatives, industry leading performance levels and state of the art features that can help you reduce RTG fuel consumption from 17% to 100% compared to most other RTGs. The features include e.g. electro-mechanical anti-sway system, SmartProfile stack anti-collision system, SmartView camera system and a completely new intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for the driver.

Each of the Kalmar RTGs can be designed to meet your business requirements. We can build your RTG to the height and width you specify, with an extensive choice of highly efficient power sources and cabin options. Kalmar RTGs are available up to 10+1 wide, giving you high stacking density and efficient land utilisation.


Kalmar AutoRTG

Whatever the size and type of RTG terminal you operate, the Kalmar AutoRTG System allows you to reap the rewards of greater operational efficiencies, a safer working environment and better predictability.

Zero Emission RTG

Kalmar Zero Emission RTG

The all-electric Kalmar Zero Emission RTG has a fully electric design and a regenerative power unit with zero emissions on site.

Hybrid RTG

Kalmar Hybrid RTG

With the Kalmar Hybrid RTG you can cut RTG fuel costs by up to 56 per cent thanks to our smart energy storage and regeneration system, and reduce emissions and noise at the same time.

SmartPower RTG

Kalmar SmartPower RTG

The Kalmar SmartPower RTG uses intelligent power management system to reduce fuel consumption.

Classic RTG

Kalmar Classic RTG

The Kalmar Classic RTG combines the best of diesel and electric technology.