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Masted container handlers

It is all about productivity and speed 

The pressure on today's container terminals is exceeding the wildest expectations. To increase terminal profits under these circumstances you have to increase productivity. One important factor is the driver performance. 

Kalmar is since long known for leading the race in ergonomics and Kalmar's masted container handlers are no exception. Equipped with our proven Spirit delta cabin, our masted container handlers are well known for their high comfort and excellent visability. 

Kalmar's masted equipment for handling loaded and empty containers is available in a wide range of capacities and wheelbases to suit your needs. 

Empty container handlers

Empty container handlers

Our range of empty container handlers delivers market-leading strength and stability to ensure precise yet straightforward positioning of containers. The flexible design includes side spreaders for twist-lock (single stacking) or hook (double stacking) handling. Every single element – the lifting mast (also known as the boom), chassis and side spreader – is designed for maximum strength and stability. We provide four basic capacities of 7, 8, 9 or 10 tons for a total stacking height of up to 8+1 containers.

Electric Empty handler ECG70-35E3/E4

Electric Empty Container handler

With rising fuel costs and tougher emissions standards, you need an eco-efficient solution that will address these issues head-on. The Kalmar all-electric Empty Container Handler, the first of its kind available, will lower your fuel costs and help you exceed emissions standards today and in the future, without compromising on operational power. With the ability to stack up to 4 high and a choice of battery technologies, you will get a clean lift every time.

Loaded container handlers

Loaded container handlers

Our heavy-duty DCF-series loaded container handlers have been developed exclusively for ports and terminals, where productivity and reliable, smooth operation are a must.