The new Essential Range of empty container handlers.

Expect more.

Built on our tested and proven G-Generation platform, you get a machine that is reliable, robust and highly efficient at a great price. There is a broader range of lifting capacities, mast heights and drivelines available than with our previous range, and a choice of Tier 3 or 4F emission standard compliant engines.

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A wider range.

Lifting capacities.
8 tonnes
9 tonnes
10 tonnes
Four different masts.
Duplex E5 (5-high 9’6” / 5-high 8’6”)
Duplex E6 (5-high 9’6” / 6-high 8’6”)
Duplex E7 (6-high 9’6” / 7-high 8’6”)
Duplex E8 (7-high 9’6” / 8-high 8’6”)
Three different drivelines.
Cummins QSB-6,7 EU3 6.7L 164kW DANA TE-14300 3+3
Volvo TAD-850-VE EU3 7.7L 160kW DANA TE-14300 3+3
Volvo TAS-572-VE EU4 5.4L 160kW DANA TE-14300 3+3
Drive axles
DCU80 ES5/5 - ES8/7: D81-ND axle - width 4,05 m
DCU90 ES5/5 - ES8/7: D81-ND axle - width 4,10 m
DCU90 ES5/5 - ES8/7: D81-ND axle - width 4,10 m
DCU100 ES5/5 - ES8/7: D91-HD axle - width 4,10 m
Optional – ES8/7: D91-HD heavy duty axle for extra stability – width 4,5 m

Built on a proven platform.

With over 10,000 machines already built on our G-Generation platform you will get a great machine that shares many common benefits with the rest of the range:

A standardised driver control panel: all machines built on this platform have the same operator controls and interface, making it easier to move from one type of machine to another.

Common electrical system: uses standardised error codes for fast and easy trouble shooting.

Common points of connection: data can pass easily from your machine to other external reporting systems, Kalmar SmartFleet or your own system.

Quality built in: only branded genuine parts and components from leading manufacturers are used, to guarantee a quality build.

Long life: we treat all sensitive surfaces, steps, with long life surface coatings or a highly corrosion resistant, material to make sure your machine lasts.

The new Essential Cabin.

The new Essential Cabin has been ergonomically designed with a focus on driver comfort and safety. Our new cabin features:

Highly specified: You get a sliding side windows, colour operator display and wipers on the front rear and roof as standard.

Visibility: Improved visibility both forwards, backwards and up.

Control: With an adjustable steering wheel and seat, and power steering as standard, your driver can always be in the best position for complete control.

Ease of operation: Our Essential Range joystick or our ergonomically designed G-Generation joystick will make operations easier and both allow your driver to control the machine with one hand.

Comfort: The cabin is fitted with our improved electronic climate control package to keep your driver comfortable. It has extra strong fans to help maintain the cabin temperature and to quickly remove condensation on the windscreen. You can also add additional sun visors for protection from the sun.

Efficient and easy to maintain.

  • Drivelines: There are three highly efficient engines to choose from, all with a 3+3 DANA automatic transmission. You can select engines that comply with either the Tier 3 or 4F emissions standards.
  • Hydraulics: Our new empty container handlers are fitted with load sensing hydraulics that apply exactly the right amount of power to lift or lower your load.
  • Use less fuel: Our range of the newest highly efficient engines and transmissions, will reduce energy loss from the gearbox and reduce your fuel consumption by up to 10%
  • Easy to maintain: All service points are easy and safe to access, coupled with market-leading service intervals, so you benefit from increased machine availability.
  • Improved speeds: By combining load sensing hydraulics with new and improved engines and transmissions, lifting speeds have been improved by up to 10%

Kalmar SmartFleet: Kalmar SmartFleet gives you the information to optimise your operations. Data is streamed directly from your machine and displayed in an accessible and easy to use graphic interface, allowing you to continually make small adjustments to your work processes. The result; a higher performing, optimised fleet.

A focus on safety.

Every Kalmar machine is built to be as safe as possible for your drivers. All our empty container handlers come with:

  • Extra safe access to the cabin with non-slip surfaces and extra safety rails.
  • There are doors on both sides of the cabin in case your operator needs to leave the cabin quickly in case of an emergency.
  • Enhanced visibility from the cabin giving you a much better view forwards and upwards.
  • 2-point seat belts fitted to keep your operator secure.
  • Rear-view mirrors are mounted on the front mudguards so your operator can see behind him easily
  • Overload protection system that will warn the driver if the load exceeds the specified limits.
  • LED lights as standard, for better visibility when working in reduced light.
  • Kalmar designed steering axle with extra wide tracking for increased stability.
  • A fail-safe seat switch that will not allow the machine to be started without the operator in the seat.
  • An electrically operated hand brake that is automatically applied as soon as your engine is turned off, bringing your machine to complete stop
  • Numerous additional safety options to choose from, including our heavy duty upgrades.

Our empty container handler masts can be tilted both forwards and backwards by up to +/- 3 degrees. Tilting backwards will help in stabilising your load while moving and make it easier to lift a container off the stack.

Our entire range is compliant with the latest health and safety guidelines: - ISO 22915-9 standard.


There is a range of options for you to choose from:

  • Rear Mounted Camera: To provide a clearer view of what is happening behind the empty container handler from the cabin. Package comes complete with camera and in-cabin display.
  • Speed Limiter: This option allows you to set a safe driving speed which cannot be overridden by the driver.
  • Additional lighting: A broad choice of additional lighting for both the machine and its boom, to provide greater visibility while operating in reduced lighting.
  • Fire Suppression System: The system utilises multiple spray nozzles that release a high-pressure water mist from a re-chargeable water tank when a fire has been detected. This can be activated manually or automatically by a temperature sensor in the cabin.
  • Alcolock: This system makes sure that the driver meets alcohol blood level standards before being able to start the machine, much like a breathalyser.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring: Bluetooth sensors keep the driver advised of the condition of the tyres. Active care of your tyres can result in a 10-40% increase in tyre life and up to a 10% decrease in fuel consumption.
  • Safety cage: A safety cage can be fitted around the cabin to provide additional protection from falling cargo.
  • Heavy duty pack: Your machine can be fitted with heavy duty steering, drive axles and lifting chains if you need to operate your machine in tough conditions

All the support you need.

Kalmar Care:

We offer four different types of service and maintenance contracts, that you can apply to any brand of equipment. Each is designed to help improve your operational efficiency, drive productivity and secure financial predictability. Each contract type includes a set of standardised service modules that can be matched to meet your business needs.

Kalmar Genuine Parts:

When something needs to be replaced you need a spare part that meets your exact needs – immediately. Kalmar offers rapid delivery for over 50,000 premium-quality genuine parts to anywhere in the world, with installation support if needed. You can order and check parts availability 24/7 on-line with Kalmar MyParts.

You may also want to consider outsourcing all or part of your spare parts management and inventory control with Kalmar Parts Care. Kalmar Parts Care will lift your parts availability, while reducing your inventory costs.

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