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Kalmar equipment keeps Swedish steel mill SSAB running

The hydraulics are really smooth and sensitive. They give me great control over the long slabs we are handling. Anders Nyman, truck driver, SSAB Oxelösund

The solution Material handling

Kalmar DCG forklifts and reachstackers help SSAB in Oxelösund, Sweden to efficiently and safely handle three million tonnes of crude steel every year.





Annual capacity

3,000,000 tonnes crude steel (EMEA)


Oxelösund, Sweden





2400 at Oxelösund




Providing fingertip precision at the steel mill that never sleeps.

The challenge

SSAB, EMEA processes three million tonnes of crude steel annually. The slabs it handles can be as long as 10 meters and weigh up to 14 tonnes, and are loaded and unloaded from cassette trailers. Speed, control, visibility and reliability are all of great importance. The fleet required for this operation consists of 24 forklift trucks and three reachstackers, all from Kalmar, operated in three shifts per day by several different individuals.

The solution

SSAB’s fleet includes six DCG160-12 forklifts, under a rental agreement with Kalmar that includes four on-site maintenance technicians. The forklifts feature the new EGO cabin, with a large, curved front window providing excellent visibility in all directions for improved operational speed and safety. Drivers can adjust the cabin to match their preferences. The DCG also includes a new hydraulic system that provides fingertip control over the load.

The results

Thanks to its partnership with Kalmar, SSAB can be confident that the mill will always have a continuous flow of steel slabs for processing. For a fixed monthly cost, Kalmar guarantees sufficient equipment availability to meet the mill’s needs. Providing the truck drivers with the most modern equipment in the steel-handling business not only improves operational speed and confidence, it also puts a smile on their faces.