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Container Terminal Wels needed a versatile heavy lifter.

The decisive factor to buy a Kalmar Reachstacker Super Gloria was the outstanding price, performance ratio. JOHANN SCHNÜRZER, Terminal Manager, ÖBB Container Terminal Wels.



ÖBB Container Terminal Wels needed a reachstacker that could handle heavy loads quickly and efficiently on the second railway track.



ÖBB Container Terminal Wels


Total annual shipments:

235.000 ITU p.a


Wels, Austria





Approx. 70





Kalmar Super Gloria extends her reach over the second track axis.

The challenge

ÖBB Container Terminal Wels needed to replace two 15 year old Kalmar Reachstackers, that were still fully operational after being in service for twice the length of their expected life.

“Our old Kalmar Reachstackers were in operation here for over double their service life and that really shows thep roduct’s strength”, says Schnürzer.

The terminal operators needed a solution from Kalmar that could manage heavy loads in the second rail-line. In addition the machine would need to be flexible enough to handle containers, and swap bodies and trailers around on the second rail. The solution also had to be able to work on a separate track where mixed loads were being handled. The terminal operators were also concerned about the changes in operational style that new
machines would create and how could they mitigate teething problems?

The solution

“Kalmar has really looked and listened to us, and their response has been a very
positive one” continues Schnürzer.

Container Terminal Wels ordered two Kalmar Super Gloria reachstackers, with the capability of lifting loads up to 45 tonnes. With a reach of 6 metres, Kalmar Super Gloria operators were able to work effectively, moving containers, trailers and swapping bodies efficiently and safely in the second rail. Due to their heavy lifting ability, they were also able to handle fully laden trailers on mixed trains, which were managed on a separate line. 

The new machines greatly improved the operators’ working environment, with ergonomically designed cabins that were extremely comfortable and provided an enhanced driving experience.

An extensive training course was developed by Kalmar to train the operators prior to the machines going into full operation.

The results

“Kalmar had developed an extensive training programme for our operators, which meant
the change in machines and driving style was handled with ease.” says Schnürzer.

Shortly after receiving the two new Kalmar Super Glorias, they were operating at
optimal levels, due to the Kalmar training programme that had been undertaken by
ÖBB personnel.

“When you understand the differences, it is much better than the old machines,” says
Jürgen Engertsberger, Machine Operator.

The Super Gloria operators appreciated the increased visibility from the cabin, automatic tyre pressure monitoring and the ease of operation when using the joystick, which is fitted as standard. They felt that the machines were quicker and more reactive and supplied them with a superior operating experience that could meet all their lifting needs, especially on the second rail axis.

“It is a great machine,” concludes Engertsberger.